Energy is the essence of life, and life is something beautiful.
Harness that energy and focus it to tasks that your science has deemed worthy, and the beauty will burgeon beyond your imagination.
A bit about me and what I do.
Who I Am

Hey all. I’ve just begun this site recently and it’s still very much under construction. Hang tight while I polish things up.

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My Websites

In the summer of 2007 I created my first web business to address an opportunity that my dad brought to me. Since then I’ve built a total of three, all using SBI’s incredible resources, that now reach tens of thousands of visitors each month.

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My Major

I decided in the summer of 2010, right after my undergraduate sophomore year at Stanford, to begin work on designing my own major, which I hope to get approved through the university’s Individually Designed Major (IDM) track. The major is called “Systems of Human Motivation” and this page is dedicated to sharing what it’s all […]

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