is a geography site run by Stanford University Senior Lecturer Martin W. Lewis featuring map-illustrated analyses of current events and geographical issues. It’s aimed at enhancing our understanding of what is happening in the world through imparting important geographical and historical background information.

It’s truly a gem of a site–Professor Lewis’ knowledge of the topics he’s writing about is astounding and the insights he brings to the table make each post a truly valuable read. It’s also updated very regularly–Professor Lewis writes a new article around 5 times per week about topics that are currently on his mind and relevant to current issues in the world.

The combination of these factors made me very grateful when I was asked to revamp the GeoCurrents website. I transferred everything from the Blogger platform it had been operating on to the more dynamic content management system of WordPress. A new organization system for the posts followed, using a hierarchical category system. This was followed closely by a close eye towards Search Engine Optimization. The old site lacked meta-information, so that was the first thing to be implemented, followed by 301 redirects from both the old site (which used non-descriptive urls for each post) and the .blogspot domain. The end result was an optimized website that still received the search engine reputation the old non-optimized sites had built up.


You can visit here. 

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